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Laura underwent liposuction of the abdomen and lipofilling in the face

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Laura underwent abdominal liposuction and facial lipofilling by a plastic surgeon Joyce Florisson. 

What question brought you to Dr. Florisson?
“I postponed my first visit for a consultation with doctor Florisson for a long time, because I believe that you should not cut in a healthy body. However, I was very disturbed by the "pancake" on my stomach. I weighed 126 kg and lost a total of 54 kg in a period of 15 years. Fortunately, this has had no consequences for my skin. This one looks smooth and strong, partly because I lost weight slowly and not through a crash diet. I have changed my lifestyle. With my company I have been guiding overweight people for over 32 years now. It takes a lot of getting used to a new body and I just couldn't get used to my “pancake”.”

How long have you thought about this step?
“I have been thinking about doing something about this for over 8 years.”

What did you think of the first consultation?
“I immediately felt at ease upon entering. I was not looked at strangely and Dr. Florisson was the first to compliment me on how I look for my age. Beautiful, thick, strong skin. She listened to my story and understood what I meant by my “pancake”. She clearly explained what she could do for me. During this first consultation, I told the plastic surgeon that I had heard that it is possible to use some of your own fat to reduce the facial wrinkles. She confirmed this and so we agreed that a small amount of my own fat would be injected in my face.”

Were you afraid of the surgery?
"No not at all. I have had surgery more than 25 times in my life (unfortunately). I'm kind of an expert by experience. The clinic where this operation took place felt to me like a very luxurious 5 star hotel. I kind of felt like the princess.”

Was the operation successful or not?
“The operation went well for me. I was back on the job pretty quickly. The bruises weren't too bad either. You didn't see this in my face at all. After a few days only a small blue spot under my eye, but that was it. There were some bruises on my stomach, but they disappeared very quickly. The stitches were also quickly dissolved. The two small sutures were removed during the check-up and it already looked very nice.”

Tips for people considering liposuction
“If something really bothers you about your body, at least start the conversation. By talking about it and getting advice, you get closer to your decision whether or not to do anything about it. The treatment takes place under general anesthesia and you are in good hands. I can confidently say that this treatment has made me a lot happier. I no longer walk all day with my abs tight to hide my “pancake”. The great thing is that no one around me (family, friends, clients) sees that something has happened, but I do see and feel it. I am a lot more relaxed and confident.”

Treating physician

"If something really bothers you about your body, at least start the conversation"

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