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drs. Kajal Visscher – Surajbali in ForYou magazine

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With a healthy lifestyle you have an advantage. Or not? Eating healthy, exercising enough, making conscious choices for body and mind: of course it helps you to feel better about yourself.

Many people live consciously because they want to grow old healthy and beautiful. The disappointment is therefore great if it turns out that the skin becomes weaker and wrinkles appear. Skin aging has to do with various factors and a large part is hereditary. You can't prevent it and we shouldn't want to. Getting older is part of life. And if you are very bothered by coarse wrinkles, a sunken face or drooping cheeks, there are always suitable solutions. This has nothing to do with a so-called tight-drawn face. drs. Kajal explains how she creates a fresher look as subtly as possible.

You read the whole interview here.

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drs. Kajal Visscher – Surajbali in ForYou magazine 1

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