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BIG number: 19023848501

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Plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms was trained in Antwerp (RUCA) and Rotterdam (Erasmus University). After his military service in the Navy, his general surgical training started at the Clara Hospital in Rotterdam (from 1983 to 1989), after which his training as a plastic surgeon was continued at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam (from 1989 to 1992). Under the leadership of Professor Dr. J. van der Meulen, doctor Gijs van Selms gained experience in all facets of the plastic surgery.

From 1993 to 2019, Van Selms worked at the current OLVG (west) and the Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen in Amsterdam. In 2019, he decided to fully concentrate on the Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Center, where he performs almost all procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Areas of interest of this doctor

Drs. Gijs van Selms is a plastic surgeon in the broadest sense of the word, focusing on breast corrections, tummy tucks, eyelid corrections, labia corrections, liposuction and lipofilling. He is also skilled in performing scar correction, protruding ear correction, minor skin surgery and hand surgery. An overview of the treatments for which you can contact Drs. Gijs van Selms:

  • Breast operations: prosthesis exchange, explantation, breast enlargement, lift, reduction, reconstruction.
  • Arm lift;
  • Leg lift;
  • Buttock lift;
  • Eyelid correction: upper and lower eyelid correction;
  • Tummy tuck;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Hand surgery;
  • Ear and earlobe correction;
  • Labiaplasty;
  • Lipofilling and liposuction;
  • Scar correction;
  • Skin excision.


BIG number: 19023848501

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