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Drs. W.G. van Selms

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Gijs van Selms is one of our plastic surgeons. After his Medical studies in Antwerp and Rotterdam, he took six years of specialist training in general surgery, followed by the training to become a plastic surgeon at the Erasmus Medical Center. Since 1993, the OLVG West and Medical Centre Jan van Goyen have been his permanent places of work.

During his years of training, Gijs van Selms specialised in plastic and reconstructive care, with traumatology in the broadest sense. After his training, he became increasingly involved in the aesthetic care and he visited international conferences and clinics abroad.

The past nine years, he and the Board of the NVEPC (Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) organise an annual international Live Surgery Congress at the OLVG West. During these congresses, plastic surgeons from the Netherlands and abroad come together to do live surgeries, which offers an enormous input on new knowledge and techniques.

At the Jan van Goyen, Gijs van Selms mainly focuses on the aesthetic body surgery, including breast surgery, the (smaller) abdominoplasty, liposuction and lipofilling, upper and lower eyelid corrections, labia corrections, otoplasty, scar tissue conditions, and gynaecomastia.

At the OLVG, he carries out insured plastic surgery procedures such as plastic surgery after a trauma, abdominoplasty with recovery of the rectus muscles, implant and prosthetic procedures, and hand surgery.


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BIG number: 19023848501

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