Drs. Madeline Heidema

BIG number: 69928690801

Or call us for an appointment: 020 305 5847

As a dermatology assistant, Madeline Heidema sees patients of all ages with different skin conditions and does the Miradry treatments. As a phlebology assistant, she does the phlebology consultation, including duplex examination.

Madeline about her profession as a dermatology resident

''I enjoy treating patients of different ages and with different conditions. I think it is important that a patient feels trusted and heard. I always try to take the time for my patients and give a good explanation of the disease, so that they leave the consultation room with a good feeling," says Madeline Heidema.


  • 2013-2016 Bachelor of Medicine
  • 2018-2020 Master of Medicine


Bosma AL, Ouwerkerk W, Heidema MJ et al.  Comparison of real-world treatment outcomes of systemic immunomodulating therapy in atopic dermatitis patients with dark and light skin types, JAAD International (2022).

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