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Drs. J.G. van der Meer

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drs. JG van der Meer followed her training as a plastic surgeon in Amsterdam UMC – AMC and OLVG. She completed part of her education at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital, the Red Cross hospital/burn center in Beverwijk and the Spaarne Gasthuis in Haarlem.

During her training she followed an ISAPS Fellowship in Germany in which she focused on aesthetic and reconstructive periorbital and facial surgery. She has also held various administrative positions within the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) and as chair of the Junior Society for Plastic Surgery (JVPC). She was involved in the quality of plastic surgery training and represented the interests of physician assistants. She has participated in various medical missions in Morocco, Laos and Tanzania, among others.

Since 2019 she is European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (EBOPRAS) because she has passed the required exam.

'Getting someone's trust and treating and operating that person is incredibly special. As a plastic surgeon we are creative and dynamic; Every consultation we draw up an individual and tailor-made treatment plan. Delivering precision work and the optimal achievable result for both form and function are my goals.

In addition to Jan van Goyen, Josien van der Meer also works as a plastic surgeon at OLVG.


BIG number: 19913833601

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