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In addition to being a cosmetic doctor, Eda van den Boogaard is also a KNMG emergency room doctor. Her 20 years of work experience as an emergency physician in academic centers such as Erasmus MC, LUMC and Amsterdam UMC, she has also trained doctors and had various management tasks in addition to caring for acutely endangered patients. As a national instructor for pain relief and sedation, she believes it is important that a patient experiences as little pain as possible during procedures. She sees this broad knowledge and holistic approach to the patient as a good basis for her work as a cosmetic doctor. 

Eda is affiliated with the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG) and works according to the guidelines of the NVCG and so-called international MD codes. Patient safety is her top priority. 

'I think the best thing about this profession is that relatively small and safe interventions can give someone a good feeling again. Each treatment starts with an honest conversation in which we try to find out together what can make a difference for you in a natural way. This personal approach and seeing my patients again give me great satisfaction. 'For me, the most beautiful patient is a satisfied patient'.

  • Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine
  • Dutch Association for Emergency Care Physicians 

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