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Edin Hajder studied medicine at the University of Groningen and obtained his doctorate degree cum laude there. He was trained as a plastic surgeon at OLVG and Amsterdam UMC. He completed part of his training at the Red Cross hospital in Beverwijk, Spaarne Gasthuis and The Hand Clinic. 

During his education he was chairman of The Young Specialist. This is the national professional association for all medical specialists in training. In doing so, he committed himself to a healthy and safe training climate and further modernization of medical further education.

Within the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery, Edin Hajder is committed to even better care. He is active on various committees.

Since 2019 he is a fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) by passing the European exams.

To keep abreast of the latest developments in plastic surgery, he regularly attends conferences and courses at home and abroad.

“Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen consists of a group of excellent and ambitious plastic surgeons. Together we offer the highest quality care with personal attention. I think it is important to understand exactly what the client's wishes are in order to be able to give my advice afterwards. Whatever the treatment, I always strive for maximum results and a satisfied client.”

In addition to Jan van Goyen, Edin Hajder also works in OLVG East.

Member of the NVPC
Member of the NVEPC

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