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After completing his medical studies at the universities of Ghent and Nijmegen, Dr. Hay Winters specialised in general surgery at the Diaconessen Hospital in Eindhoven and at the St. Lucas Hospital in Amsterdam. He then specialised further in plastic surgery, and after his registration in 1994, Dr. Winters applied himself to complex reconstructive procedures, mainly of the face and breasts (for example after the removal of tumours), but also on the torso, arms, or legs (also after the removal of malignant conditions or serious traumas). From his passion for reconstructive surgery, he became interested in aesthetic surgery as he realised that the wish of a patient with a serious deformation is, in fact, similar to the wish of an ‘aesthetic’ patient: both want to have an appearance by which they feel comfortable with themselves. His expertise in reconstructive surgery proofs to be a huge advantage when performing aesthetic surgery procedures, especially with regard to the breasts and face.

Hay Winters has been part of the plastic surgery team at the VUmc since 1994, and in 2003 he joined the plastic surgery department of Aesthetic Centre Amsterdam.

Dr. Winters conducts scientific research and publishes articles in international, scientific magazines. He received his doctorate in 2007 on his dissertation about the transplantation of vascularised bone from the pelvis and leg during the reconstruction of severe bone defects (lower and upper jaw, spinal column, arms, and legs). Thanks to his academic background, he is regularly asked to hold lectures in the Netherlands and abroad. As a lecturer, he is involved in (refresher) training programmes for plastic surgeons as well as for general surgeons, ENT specialists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and rehabilitation specialists. Colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad also invite him regularly as a visiting surgeon. When he took part in the Dutch TV programme ‘De Grootmeesters’ in 2005, at the request of the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery, a professional jury and the public named Hay Winters as the best reconstructive surgeon in the Netherlands.


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