Diamond quality status for Jan van Goyen's care

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The care provided by Medical and Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen has achieved the DIAMANT quality certificate from Qualicor Europe. This means that Jan van Goyen meets the highest quality of care and offers the highest standards of regulations and protocols.

The Qualicor audit took place in October. During the audit, the auditors held various conversations with employees. They also spoke to patients and attended treatments. They used this to test whether Jan van Goyen meets all the requirements for providing care in a safe manner.

Hemma Honders, director of the Jan van Goyen Medical and Aesthetic Center: “The result of the audit is something we are all very proud of. The auditors saw that everyone is willing to go the extra mile, not only for the patient, but also for each other. There is a 'We Jan van Goyen' culture where everyone is equal. It's fantastic that our efforts have now been recognized with the highest possible accreditation level: DIAMANT!”

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