Breast corrections: question & answer

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This month we made an appeal on social media to our followers to ask us their questions about breast corrections. Dr Annekartien van de Kar answers the questions that were asked the most below.

Is it also possible to do a breast augmentation without implants?

Annekatrien: 'Yes, that is certainly possible. You can use your own fat to give the breast more volume, we call this a breast augmentation through lipofilling† The condition is that you have some fat that we can use. It is usually not possible to create as much volume in 1 procedure as with the use of an implant.

Every person is different, of course, so a plastic surgeon can tell you if this is an option in your case. Sometimes 2 interventions are needed to achieve the desired volume.'

After how many years is it wise to change a prosthesis?

'Over the years, under the influence of a number of factors (eg after pregnancy/breastfeeding, the aging process of the body or weight change), the breasts will become more flabby and change shape. That could be a reason to to do a prosthesis change. If you have no complaints, there is in principle no reason to have them replaced. It is wise to have your breasts checked by your plastic surgeon after 10-15 years. Then you can discuss what the advice is in your case.'

How long can you exercise again after breast augmentation?

Annekatrien: 'In general, the body needs six weeks to recover from an operation. After a breast augmentation, the prostheses grow fixed in the pocket during this period so that they cannot move when you move, also called encapsulation. You can exercise again six weeks after the breast augmentation. It goes without saying that you should be careful with the area you have had surgery on during the first few weeks.'

What is a hybrid breast augmentation?'

Annekatrien: 'A hybrid breast augmentation is a breast augmentation that uses both an implant and your own fat. This creates a natural result and the volume can be injected very specifically in certain zones. Everyone is different, of course, so a plastic surgeon can tell you whether this is an option in your case.'

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