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Breast augmentation: prefer cup b or c

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Did you know that the demand for very large cup sizes in breast augmentation has come to a standstill? Women want a more natural appearance and instead of cup D or even DD, they now opt for cup B or C. In addition to enlargements with prostheses, more and more 'breast corrections' are taking place with lipofilling. This is a filling with your own fat tissue where you can go up to 1 cup size larger.

If you're thinking about getting your breasts enlarged, you're definitely not alone. In the Netherlands, an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 breast augmentation operations are performed per year and it is the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedure after eyelid correction. At the Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen you have come to the right place, our highly experienced plastic surgeons work with only approved, safe prostheses and they are also very skilled in the lipophiling technique, whether or not in combination with a breast lift. Costs for lipofilling are from € 3,650 and for a prosthesis from € 4,100. See also our price list.

Click here for more details and the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation.

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