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Men and women are becoming increasingly aware of their appearance. At Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen we notice that the demand for plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments is increasing and with it the questions. And that is good! Everyone wants to look good and if you can lend nature a hand, that's okay. As long as you consciously choose a treatment and you are well informed. This week we tell you all about the face lift, an operation that our plastic surgeons perform with great regularity. 

When you opt for a facelift, you are probably dissatisfied with your appearance. In your view, you seem older or more tired than you feel. This can be due to slackening of the skin and loss of collagen. Wrinkles and loss of subcutaneous volume are direct consequences of this that you can restore naturally. 


The techniques for the facelift are getting better and better and our plastic surgeons are fully aware of the latest developments. There are several variations to get a younger and less tired look. So you can start with the S-lift / mini-lift. This variant is the least extensive in the list of the facelift and therefore also the least durable. With an S-lift / mini-lift you only lift the skin and the subcutaneous tissue is not included. This ensures that the tightened skin relaxes more quickly and that is why we only recommend this procedure for (younger) women where the subcutaneous tissues are still firm enough and only the top skin layer needs a lift. The most frequently performed facelift is the neck facelift in which the jawline and the contours of the neck are improved. Not only the skin but also the subcutaneous connective and muscle tissue are lifted. This creates a sustainable and natural result. 


During a non-binding consultation with the plastic surgeon, personal wishes and technical possibilities are discussed. No person is the same and treatment is tailored accordingly. If you want a natural result, it is important that you do not only treat one part of the face. The trick is to maintain the right balance: a tight jaw with a slacker neck, for example, looks unnatural. Our skilled plastic surgeons know exactly which treatment suits you best and create an optimal result with as few visible scars as possible. 


After a facelift you are often more comfortable in your own skin. The durability of a facelift varies from person to person. By means of a facelift treatment you turn back the clock, but do not stop, the aging process continues. The advantage you gain with a facelift is permanent! The more difficult it becomes to correct the effects of aging. So, the sooner you catch it, the more damage you can avoid and the longer you can benefit from it.


Do you think a facelift is too drastic? There are also other ways to improve or maintain your appearance. It's not for nothing that they say: "beauty comes from within." The first steps should therefore always be: stop smoking, protect your skin against harmful UV radiation with a minimum factor of 30, avoid sugars and provide a healthy and varied diet. Think of healthy fats, sufficient proteins and important vitamins and minerals. You can also give nature a helping hand with Injectables. Fillers restore volume and Botox relaxes the muscles. Fillers remain visible for 6 to 12 months and Botox works for about 3 to 4 months. At Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen we also work closely with Derma2Care, where they specialize in skin therapy to repair damaged skin or rejuvenate the skin. 

Do you want to know more? Then make a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists so that you know where you stand. 

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