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There is almost no mention of a labia correction, but this procedure is very common. Logical. Women who suffer from larger, protruding labia often experience this not only as an aesthetic problem, it mainly causes physical discomfort. Think of discomfort when cycling, pain during sex, irritation in pants that are too tight with redness and a burning sensation as a result. Fortunately, these complaints can be remedied by means of plastic surgery.

Many women find it a barrier to go to a consultation with the plastic surgeon. They often don't know what to expect. That is why we explain more in this blog how the labia correction goes to work.

Labia: they are never the same
Before you make an appointment, it is important to know that labia almost never look the same. In many women, the inner labia protrude. Whether you experience complaints from this has to do with the length of the labia. It is also possible that you have nothing to worry about but that you do not like the protruding labia. The labia correction (labia correction) is then a good solution. With a labia correction (also called labia reduction) the inner labia (also called labia minora or labia minora) are usually reduced. In addition, it sometimes happens that the outer labia is reduced or a combination of both.

Consultation with the plastic surgeon
Before the operation it is important to discuss your personal starting situation with the treating plastic surgeon. During the consultation, your wishes, complaints and general health will be discussed. The plastic surgeon will also take a look at the labia in order to arrive at an optimal treatment plan.

The day of the surgery
A labia correction is generally performed under local anaesthetic. This means that you are conscious during the treatment but the site of the treatment is anaesthetized. You will not experience any pain during the labia correction. The anesthetic injections can feel vicious. In consultation with the plastic surgeon or nurse, this can be reduced by applying an anesthetic cream to make the area less sensitive. The procedure takes on average half an hour.

The recovery from a labia correction
After a labia correction, you can go home the same day under supervision. Do not go home on your own (not even by public transport)! The risk of bleeding is greater in the first 24 hours after surgery, which is why we recommend bed rest. In the first few days after surgery, it is recommended to rinse the wound area while urinating. Some blood loss, swelling and pain are normal and will gradually decrease. We recommend Paracetemol for the pain.

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