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No-show rate

If you don’t show up for an appointment at Esthetisch Centrum Jan van Goyen without cancelling in time, this is very annoying. Someone else could have been helped at that moment. To compensate for the loss of time and to reduce the number of missed appointments, we apply a no-show rate.

What does this mean?

If you don’t cancel your appointment at least 1 working day* in advance or if you forget your appointment, we will charge you for the missed appointment. Below you will find the rates:

  • a single appointment € 45.00
  • examination or outpatient surgery € 140.00
  • uninsured operation 10% of the total bill

Please note: You can’t claim this amount from your health insurer. You cannot claim this amount from your health insurer.

We count on your understanding for this measure.


Have you received an invoice for your missed appointment and do you not agree with this? Please mail us via the e-mail address: financiele@jvg.nl.

* Appointments for Monday can be cancelled free of charge no later than Friday.

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