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Medical Center Jan van Goyen

Quality and personal attention

Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen collaborates closely with Medical Centre Jan van Goyen. Medical Centre Jan van Goyen has specialist physicians who set great store by high-quality care and personal attention. Specialists and staff members are continuously inspired to bring out the best of themselves and to excel. Furthermore, patients will always see the same doctor, something which is experienced as very pleasant and practical by the patients.

No waiting lists

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen only performs treatments that can be planned. This means that there are no or only very short waiting times and patients can get an appointment at MC JvG at short notice.

Multidisciplinary approach

When required, the specialists at our medical centre maintain a multidisciplinary work method, whereby patients with a specific disorder or complaint can be seen by more than one specialist to ultimately determine the best possible treatment. To give an example: a patient is seen by an orthopaedic specialist as well as a physiotherapist.

Collaboration OLVG

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen collaborates with the OLVG. Many of our specialists also work at the OLVG.



You can find Medical Centre Jan van Goyen, just like Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen, in the Amsterdam Oud-Zuid area. Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen is only a ten-minute walk away. Part of the specialist departments can be found in the building at Jan van Goyenkade 1, the other departments are located in the building at Emmastraat 42. These buildings are adjacent to each other.


Medical Center Jan van Goyen
Jan van Goyenkade 1
1075 HN Amsterdam


Medical Center Jan van Goyen
Emmastraat 42
1075 HW Amsterdam

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