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Quality and safety within Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen

Quality and safety are very important to Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. We make every effort to provide high-quality and personal care.

Qualicore Europe

Since December 1, 2019, Jan van Goyen is accredited by Qualicor Europe, voorheen Nederlands Instituut voor Accreditatie in de Zorg (NIAZ). Dat betekent dat het Jan van Goyen voldoet aan alle eisen die Qualicor Europe stelt op het gebied van kwaliteit en veiligheid. Sinds 2023 is Jan van Goyen zelfs met het diamanten kwaliteitscertificaat beloond, wat inhoudt dat wij de hoogste kwaliteit van zorg bieden en voldoen aan de hoogste standaarden van reglementen en protocollen.

Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen stands for:

  • High-quality care
  • The client comes first
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Personal attention and good service
  • Short waiting times
  • Intensive collaboration between doctors

We are constantly working to realize and where possible improve quality and safety. Your input is very important for this. If you have a suggestion how we could improve it is always welcome. You can indicate this by sending an email to:

Our doctors are highly trained

The doctors who work at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen are professionals who have already gained a lot of experience elsewhere in their specific field. In addition to medical knowledge, our specialists also have excellent communication skills. Listening to the client is very important in order to make a correct estimate of the intended end result. A lot is possible, but that does not mean that everything is possible. For each intervention, an assessment is made as to whether it is ethically responsible.

Experiences of others

We understand that in the exploratory phase it is very important to collect as much relevant information as possible. The experiences of others may help with this. watch here the experiences of clients who preceded you.

Client Satisfaction

Every year we measure the satisfaction of our clients in order to continuously improve the quality of Jan van Goyen. You will receive an invitation for this in the year after your treatment.

Client Satisfaction Survey

We use questionnaires to find out how clients experience our care and treatments. Based on the findings that emerge, we implement improvement actions. Your answers are anonymous and will not be processed in a traceable manner.

Below you will find references to other sources of information. In our view, these are good sites, but of course we are not responsible for the content.

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