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Our doctors and specialists give interviews on request and regularly appear in the media.

SUN October 2021
Huge increase in demand for breast surgery

Pregnant together | 2021
Quickly recovered after varicose vein treatment | September 2018
Aluminum in deodorant: 5 questions | August 2018
Self-tanner: how do you use it and are there any risks?

Grazia| June 2018
Boycott the bra

ZOZ | June 2018
Varicose veins – the legs can be seen again! 

Het Parool | Apr 2018
Lifestyle – facial gymnastics

Glamor | Jan-Feb 2018

Beauty news | 2017
Vision! Aleid Koppius: “More fillers and less botox, for a natural look.”

Attachment Trouw | 2017
All care for people with skin cancer under one roof

Pregnant together | 2017
The doctors of EC JvG about varicose veins during pregnancy

Gooisch | 2017
Injectable doctor Tom van Eijk about naturally beautiful treatments

Woman | fall 2013
Diary of a breast augmentation: 'I wanted my old breasts back'.

ZOZ | September 2013
Nasal surgeon Gijs Nolst Trenité: Experience is the way to results.

ZOZ | July/August 2013
Tatum Dagelet having tea with Tom van Eijk

PS | password | Dec 8, 2012
dr. Prick, Amsterdam botox doctors

ZOZ | Nov 2011
Breform; the miracle in breast lifting

Radio 10 Gold | Sep 2010
Gerry from Limburg wins Restylane treatment in Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen

Beauty news | July 2010
drs. Tom van Eijk on the relationship between Botox and emotions

ZOZ | July 2010
Day treatments by the best specialists in the Netherlands

Volkskrant | March 2008
Two empty bags

Natural Body number 5 | 2006
Body makeover – Rhinoplasty

Natural Body number 3 | 2006
Body makeover – Facelift

Natural Body number 1 | 2006
Body makeover – Eyelid correction

Natural Body number 6 | 2005
Body makeover – Liposuction

Natural Body number 5 | 2005
Body makeover – Breast lift

ESTA number 20 | 2005
Maria Goos goes to the plastic surgeon

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