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Personal medication record

The personal medication record (AMO – Actueel medicatieoverzicht); bring it with you for your own safety

We will ask you for your personal medication record, as you are required to show this to your attending physician. Below you can read what is expected of you and of the centre.

What is a personal medication record or AMO?

AMO is the Dutch abbreviation for the personal medication record. This is a record or list of medications and doses you are currently taking.

What is the purpose of a personal medication record?

Pharmacies, hospitals, and other care providers are yet unable to electronically exchange medical information with each other. If your physician wants to prescribe a certain medication, he/she will check your personal medication record, or AMO, to see which medication you are currently taking. This will prevent you being prescribed medication that does not combine well with other medication.

How can I get my personal medication record?

Your pharmacist can print a list of the medication you are currently taking. You can tell the pharmacist which medication this is, prescribed or not prescribed. You should also include Ibuprofen, Miconazole creams, or St. John’s Wort and be sure to mention any allergy.

Your physician will discuss the record with you in order to check whether the information in the record is correct and up to date.

I was given new medication. How can I get an modified personal medication record?

Your use of medication may have changed during your hospitalisation or visit to the clinic. If you are discharged or leave our clinic, you can ask your pharmacist to include new medication or information in your record.

When do I bring my personal medication record?

Please make sure you have it with you at all times. This is because you are obliged to show a personal medication record to your attending physician before he/she writes a new prescription. It is also necessary to gain insight into your current use of medication in unexpected circumstances. You also need to bring it to your appointments with the specialists, the GP, and dentist.

What is the validity of the personal medication record?

The document has a maximum validity of three months and should also always be provided if your use of medication changes in the meantime. Your pharmacy can give you the most up-to-date record.

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