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A natural result with fillers and Profhilo

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Dermal fillers are currently popular. Yet many people do not know for what purposes the different types of injectables are suitable. There is a lot of confusion about treatments and results. Why should you choose to have yourself treated? And what is the most appropriate treatment? In this video that Maaike Dorsteen made for Furrow, we see that Ellen Tiben, Hormone factor trainer, undergoes a treatment with fillers and Profhilo undergoes to lend nature a hand.

Ellen gives nature a hand
Ellen has a healthy lifestyle, eats healthy and exercises regularly. It would be nice if you would prevent the aging process, but nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, your lifestyle has a major impact on the aging process, but to age gracefully, you can also give nature a helping hand. Because everyone who gets older has to deal with reduced skin quality and loss of volume in the face. This is normal and treatment with injectables often does not have the ultimate goal of going through life without any problems. Today it is a way to make small changes in a subtle way that makes you look fresher.

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