6 frequently asked questions about Botox

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At Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen, the cosmetic doctors use different techniques to improve the skin and reduce wrinkles. Botox is one of them. It is one of the most used methods to reduce or make wrinkles disappear. By injecting botulinum toxin, nerve impulses are blocked, causing the muscles to relax. This can also be the solution for medical problems such as migraines, excessive underarm sweating or teeth grinding.

A treatment is safe, fast and effective but medical. It is therefore important that you are well informed before you decide to use Botox.

1. What is Botox and is it safe?
Botox has been used in medicine for almost 40 years and Botox has also been used for cosmetic purposes for more than 20 years. Botulinum toxin is the active ingredient that causes muscles to relax. This has no effect on the rest of the body.

2. What is a zone? 
The prices of botox are divided into zones. Common areas are, for example, the frown lines, forehead wrinkles or crow's feet. You only know the amount needed to achieve the desired result after an appointment. This has to do with, among other things, your wish, the starting situation and how quickly your body breaks down the Botox.

3. When is a half zone of Botox used?
For example, a half zone is used for lifting the corners of the mouth, the bunny lines and the chin.

4. When will the result be visible?
After the treatment, which takes 5 to 10 minutes, you still need some patience. The muscle tension only decreases a few days after the treatment and after two weeks the result is really visible and the wrinkles continue to decrease. This is not to say that they disappear completely. Deep wrinkles never disappear completely but generally become a lot less visible.

5. How long will the result remain visible? 
Botox works for about 3 to 4 months. It is often the case that the effect remains visible for longer after several treatments. Deep wrinkles also become visible again sooner than fine lines.

6. Why do Botox prices differ?
The prices of a Botox treatment differ per clinic. The price depends on the brand of Botox, the experience of the doctor and the quality of the clinic. It is important to consider all these factors in the final decision.

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