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Judith Prick

Judith Prick has been working at Derma2Care for three years, and with great pleasure. After finishing her Skin Therapy schooling, she first worked as a medical sales representative for Louis Widmer Netherlands, during which period she mainly trained and visited skin therapists and dermatologists. However, Judith missed the personal contact with the client, so she ultimately chose to work as a skin therapist herself.

“As a skin therapist, I really enjoy finding the perfect treatment plan together with the client. Per treatment, we look at what the skin needs and, when necessary, we adjust the plan. This makes my work as a skin therapist especially varied. It is not just the skin therapist who can really help the client regarding, i.a., acne problems; clients can do a lot themselves as well to improve the condition of the skin. This way, we work towards a beautiful end result together.”

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