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Cosmetic dermatology deals with skin disorders or abnormalities of which the appearance is experienced as disturbing. There is not always a medical indication to perform a treatment, but it will offer an enhancement or improvement of the skin. Cosmetic dermatology treatments at Jan van Goyen include:

  • treatment of visible veins;
  • cosmetically disturbing varicose veins;
  • pigmentation spots;
  • shaving of benign birthmarks

We also treat patients who suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) underneath the armpits and/or on the hands. The treatment using Botox is covered by the health insurance (referral letter required). We also offer the latest MiraDry treatment that results in a permanently reduced sweating.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us 020 3055 845 or email us at vaatchirurgie@jvg.nl.



You will find the prices of the various cosmetic and dermatological treatments in the tables below.


Consultation€ 150,00
Benign conditions: for example, skin flaps, old-age warts and spider naevusCauterise/shave€ 180,00,- (per treatment)
Removal of benign birthmarksShaving€ 75,00 (1 birthmark) -€ 225,00,- (up to 3 birthmarks) -
€ 325,00,- (> 3 birthmarks) per treatment
Varicose veinsSee price list varicose veins
Excessive sweating armpits/handsBotox€ 500,00,- (per treatment)
Excessive sweating armpitsmiraDry€1.500,00
€1.000,00 follow-up treatment
Kenacort injectionInjection€150,00

For more information or to make an intake appointment, please contact us at 020 3055 845.

Experiences with cosmetic dermatology

Read some of our clients’ experiences below.

“I was really apprehensive about the MiraDry treatment, but it was far easier than expected. I only felt the local anaesthesia a little bit. The entire treatment itself was painless. The dermatologist and assistant were very friendly and really knew what they were doing. Thanks to the convivial atmosphere, it was not even that hard to hold up your armpits for 90 minutes. After this treatment, I have literally not felt another drop of sweat. Amazing!”

Claudia – aged 44

“No more fear of getting sweat stains in my clothing, fewer pieces of clothing to wash, and no more hair under my armpits. Having to lay there with my arms up for 90 minutes was completely worth it. Thanks to the sedation, the treatment was painless. I could consider having a second treatment at some point as I still sweat a little bit every now and then. But for the moment, I am very happy after just one treatment!”

Marleen - aged 41

    Various types of treatments


    Some people suffer from excessive sweating without doing any real physical exercise. This is also called axillary hyperhidrosis. When it occurs mainly under the armpits, it is called axillary sweating. Read more.

    Removal disfiguring spots

    You may experience certain spots on your body as disfiguring. There are various ways to have these spots removed. Read more

    For more information about our cosmetic dermatology treatments or to make an appointment for an intake, please contact us at 020 3055 845 or by email at vaatchirurgie@jvg.nl.

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    We are happy to provide you with all information during the first appointment so that you can prepare well for the treatment.

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